OnePlus Pay NFC-Based Mobile Payments and Digital Wallet Service Launched

OnePlus announced plans to launch its own mobile payments service called OnePlus Pay back in September last year. OnePlus’ digital wallet and mobile payments solution has now gone official. However, the OnePlus Pay service is limited to the Chinese market as of now, and is exclusive to the company’s latest smartphones – the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro. The NFC-based OnePlus Pay mobile payments service is currently being rolled out in a phased manner and support for more OnePlus smartphones will be added moving forward.

As per a post on the official OnePlus forum in China, OnePlus has been internally testing OnePlus Pay for over half a year and has finally started rolling it out to users. OnePlus Pay can be accessed via the eponymous wallet app, but it is currently exclusive to HydrogenOS, the China-specific version of OxygenOS. In order to make payments, users will have to open the app and set OnePlus Pay as the default NFC-based payments app on their phone. Once it is done and users have entered the necessary banking details, the OnePlus Pay service will be activated and ready to go.

onepluspay body OnePlus Pay

OnePlus Pay was announced back in September last year, and has finally begun rolling out


OnePlus says that its mobile payments solution is faster compared to what rivals WeChat and Alipay offer, and is also more convenient to use. Additionally, users can quickly fire up the OnePlus Pay app by double-pressing the power button. However, OnePlus currently supports only a handful of apps, but the list will grow as the company is currently in negotiation with more potential banking partners in China.

At this point, it is not clear when the OnePlus Pay mobile payments and digital wallet service will make it to other markets, including India. With the launch of OnePlus Pay, OnePlus joins Apple, LG, and Samsung in the growing list of smartphone makers that now offer their own mobile payments solution.

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